HELP US TO HELP YOU: respect the rules designed to enjoy the unique atmosphere of Chic Nict safely. We ask you to always maintain a collaborative behavior respecting the regulations. If you need information, or for any other need, contact the security or event staff, who will always be available to help you.

DEFFERED ENTRANCES: we have limited and extended the entrances over several days, favoring the entry of people with online presales, to limit queues, gatherings, guarantee greater security and make you live the best experience.

BODY TEMPERATURE: at the entrance, the body temperature of people will be measured by the use of special detectors or non-contact thermometers. Entry will not be allowed to people with body temperatures above 37.5 ° C.

SECURITY STAFF: more than 50 people including security and event staff are at your service if you need assistance.

SAFETY DISTANCE: please, always keep at least 2 meters distance and avoid gatherings.

MASK: please, wear the mask when it is not possible to guarantee the safety distance between non-cohabitants. We also ask you to wear it while waiting your turn in queue.

GLOVES AND MASKS: we provide free gloves and masks that can be found at the entrances.

HAND SANITIZING GEL: remember to disinfect your hands often. Refuel for free in the dispensers located in the various places of the park, such as in the entrances, in the food and beverage areas and on the tables in the lounge area.

FOOD AND BEVERAGE AREAS: please, respect the distances and the general safety rules. It is not allowed to consume on the spot or standing, but only sitting or in one’s own position.

PIC NIC: in addition to the outdoor lounge areas, Chic Nic offers 50 hectares of greenery in the heart of nature. Bring a blanket or towel with you to be able to settle freely in the large park of the villa and enjoy the arrival of summer . In this way you respect the distancing with other people and help us avoid gatherings.

LOUNGE LIVING ROOMS: please, do not move chairs, tables, sofas and fittings to preserve the correct distance.

MARKET: please, respect the safety and one-way path indicated and delimited by the organization.

TOKEN: we have adopted the Token system to administer the payments for food and beverage, in order to avoid further queues and gatherings. The value of a single Token is € 2. Tokens are not refundable.

WORKSHOP: all free wellness activities, workshops and tastings scheduled in Chic Nic, will be carried out keeping the distance required by the safety rules.

CHILDREN : the above general safety rules are extended to children.WASTE : we ask you to leave the park as you found it. Before leaving, collect your waste and use the ecological islands.

REDUCED ENTRANCE TO VILLA CONTARINI: keep your ticket because it will be valid as a reduced entrance to Villa Contarini by 12/31/2020.

PARKING : you will find various parking areas near Villa Contarini, that are managed by the Municipality of Piazzola.

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CHIC NIC Summer Weekend – Villa Contarini (Piazzola sul Brenta)

Chic Nic diventa una 3 giorni per dilazionare e distanziare le presenze, pronti a farvi vivere la miglior esperienza. Godetevi all’aria aperta il giardino estivo bucolico più grande del Veneto, senza rinunciare all’atmosfera di Chic Nic.

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